Booking A Hawaii Vacation: Piecemeal or Package?

These days you have a variety of ways to put together the elements of your Hawaii vacation on line. Basically, you can do a package or you can cherry pick the best deals you can find for all the elements.

In general, you’ll save money by booking a package because the airlines and hotels give the wholesalers generous volume discounts for booking those elements together. A lot of agents add discounts and incentives on top of the lower prices coming from the wholesalers.

A good agent who books Hawaii regularly will be able to help you figure out whether booking a package or buying a la carte is the way to go. One of the disadvantages to cherry picking is that you usually are buying published airfares that have very strict regulations and carry very stiff penalties. And you will have to pay for your trip in advance.

When we urge you to book a package, we are not trying to get you to buy more. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You win because the price will be right and the service is great; the agent wins because commissions are good; the suppliers and wholesalers win because they can sell their inventory in advance and see larger earnings in shorter periods of time.

All the agents at Hawaii Aloha Travel are Hawaii specialists and we all deal regularly with the suppliers and wholesalers who provide the inventory. That earns us some favoritism and gives us considerable clout. You benefit from both.

But the main reason to use Hawaii Aloha Travel is that your agent – or a backup — is with you 24 hours 7 days a week. If anything goes wrong at any time of day or night, you contact us by phone or e-mail and we deal it. That simply won’t happen when you try to contact an airline, hotel or car-rental agency directly.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher