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A Bright Celebration Amid the Gloom for Hawaii Business

Henry Kapono performing for HAWAII-ALOHA.COM

On Saturday evening, November 8, you would have thought Hawaii Aloha Travel was celebrating a booming economy. Refreshments flowed, appetites were satiated beyond capacity, the room rocked with spirited entertainment, camaraderie was manifest with smiles and hugs, and optimism suggested impending success.

It was HAT’s annual Appreciation Event, held in East Oahu, acknowledging the efforts of our agents and support staff who relentlessly work to find the very best packages, offers, rates and incentive deals available for Hawaii visitors.

While the rest of Hawaii’s travel practitioners were wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth in the face of declining hotel occupancy, reduced airline capacities, layoffs and cutbacks, we were appreciating a sustained clientele level and a confirmed high level of service to our clients.

No, business isn’t better for us than it was a year ago at the moment, but neither has it sunk to the depths many of our colleagues in the industry are suffering through and with it all we are up 24% over last year.

The reason for that is simple. People and families, still seeking affordable vacation options, are turning to the Internet and discovering Hawaii-Aloha.com.

They realize our agents not only know the territory and are plugged into virtually all available distress sales, special bargains and limited opportunities, they also see that we network and provide travelers with 24-7 support unavailable through inpidual bargain-hunting and cherry-picking.

From initial contact via our Web site or toll-free telephone (1-800-843-8771), we stay with you and trouble shoot in the event of glitches such as cancelled flights, hotel mix-ups, unavailable or unsatisfactory rental-car arrangements – things you would find impossible to rectify by contacting the providers directly. We all were either born and raised in Hawaii or have lived here long enough to be true experts in the market – even those of us based on the mainland. We have the clout and the wherewithal to fix things immediately so you can experience a snag-free trip. You will have your own agent, and he or she will be backed up by a network of Hawaii-Aloha professionals who make things happen on a daily basis – always available to you and loaded with suggestions and money-saving solutions.

So we hope the rest of the industry will forgive our self-congratulatory revelry on Saturday evening. We feel we earned it, and we’re confident that visitors to our site such as you will have the opportunity to fulfill your vacation hopes and dreams with our help.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 11, 2008