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Pedaling through Paradise

You know coming in that Hawaii is loaded with amazing tropical scenery and unique natural attractions. There are lots of ways to see it all: tour buses, rental cars, inter-island cruises, helicopter rides or hiking, for example.

But if you like to ride a bike, that just might be your answer. In a single bicycle tour, you could explore historic village ruins, investigate a missionary church and watch small-town children fly exotic kites in the tradewinds. You can pedal for miles along scenic, unpopulated coastlines, and maybe stop to sample Hawaiian wine and even spend the night at a beachside campsite.

The slower pace of a bicycle compliments the pace and laid-back lifestyle typical of Hawaii. Instead of being another frantic mainlander speeding to cram sights into a short vacation, you can linger over each view or spectacle that intrigues you. You may be surprised by offerings of advice, help, cold drinks, or directions to a secret local spot by local residents.

Hidden delights are everywhere, and you don’t have to pedal marathon distances before you come across an opportunity to hike, kayak, snorkel, or just relax on the beach. Even if you aren’t a cycling enthusiast, but just someone who’d like to challenge yourself, enjoy Hawaii’s air and waters, and go to bed pleasantly weary from the day’s adventures, you’ll be more than satisfied.

While Hawaii is a great cycling destination, the sport has yet to sweep through the islands. Be aware that facilities like repair shops and the lack of alternative means of transportation make for a pretty weak support network. Many roads are in poor condition. But even with those disadvantages, Hawaii can come surprisingly close to the ideal.

There are bicycle tour companies on all of the major islands. They will provide you with route maps and suggested stops. Most of the companies also offer tour guides, helmets, support vehicles, repair services, meals and accommodations, but the whole gamut can cost as much as $2,500, not including your airfare. Of course, if you come with your own bike and go it on your own …

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Posted by: Jamie Winpenny on Sep 30, 2008