Visitors to Hawaii seem to love Robert Wyland’s work. He’s the marine artist and entrepreneur whose paintings and prints are selling like crazy. Local residents – especially the “fine artists” who capture Hawaii’s essence and beauty – don’t seem to love him as much. In the past few years he has seemed a little manic with all the projects he has going. It’s the “entrepreneur” part of his work they resent. His self-themed Waikiki hotel opened recently. He keeps a penthouse office and apartment there. Then last week he called a news conference that was sort of all over the place. He barely touched on his one hundredth – and final – “Whaling Wall” mural, which will feature 45-by-12-foot canvasses painted by children, each representing aquatic life in their homelands. Out of almost nowhere he announced his plan to take over the historic Coco Palms property on Kauai and develop it. He said he wants to create a Hawaii license plate to help raise money to preserve the Turtle Bay area on Oahu at the same time he is quibbiling with the California Coastal Commission over the use of a fundraising plate he designed for them. On July 22nd, he will unveil in China the first of 100 life-size sculptures of sea life he will create.


  1. the real reason other artist don’t care for him is that he copies others art and calls it his own. He only gives the artists in his galleries 30%. His only good art is the stuff that other artists have done copulations with him. He then poses for photos as if he created the entire piece. He has painters from the Philippines that get a few hundred dollars for their works then his galleries sell them for thousands. I’ve heard the sculptures are done by a ghost sculptor then he tags them with his name. He is a fake!
    My daughter called him a Poser.
    He gets sued and they always seal the cases so that the public doesn’t find out …Folkins, Evers and others

  2. Wyland is a true original and absolutely does not hurt his girlfriends.  Anyone that would write ridiculous comments like this are obviously jealous. 

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