Hawaii has its ghosts and their haunts

Perhaps you’ve heard of Madame Pele. You certainly will have become familiar with her by the time you leave these islands. Pele, Goddess of Fire, is the most famous of all the legendary Hawaiian gods and goddesses. Lurking in the craters of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano, she’s been sending those fiery rivers of lava down into the ocean, adding new land to the island almost continuously for the last quarter of a century. Stories – from perfectly sober and reasonable people – are told about picking up an old woman dressed all in white and accompanied by a little dog along roads in Kilauea National Park; then, when checking the rear-view mirror, the drivers find their back seats to be empty. Visitors have discovered Pele’s face in photographs of eruptions when they get back home, and swear the image was not there originally. Those of us who live in the islands speak very respectfully of the goddess.

These islands, Oahu in particular, have become well known around the world to people who are interested in supernatural phenomenon. As Oahu has grown and developed in since the 1940’s, sacred grounds have been desecrated, buildings have gone up over ancient burial grounds, and roadways have been laid out through rainforests that had been untouched since the beginning of time and through caves of buried and beloved ancestors.

There now are tours on Oahu of some of the most haunted places. The guides know how to tell spooky stories, and they know their stuff. They claim all the stories they tell are true, and will assure you that all the sites they take you to are real based on historical and ancestral information and eyewitness accounts. Some sites may simply be reputed hotspots where ghosts have made homes and paranormal activity is unexplained. Both walking and driving tours are offered. The tour operators caution that, while kids are welcome, some of the stories and the intensity with which they’re told might not be suitable for some young children. If you’re interested in ghosts or paranormal phenomena, Hawaii-Aloha Travel will set up a tour for you while you’re here. Call us at 1-800-843-8771, or go to the home page Hawaii-aloha.com and select an agent.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher