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Keeping Up with Those Hawaii Airfare Increases

You’ve been watching airfares climb – recently at an alarming rate. Airfares apparently will continue to go up as the fuel situation lingers and worsens.

There are two ways airline tickets are sold: at published rates and at bulk rates. Bulk-rate fares, which usually are lower than the published rates, are offered mostly by wholesalers and travel agents.

When you buy a published-rate reservation, you must pay the full price at the time. That price is locked in and not affected by the increase. When you make a bulk-rate reservation through a Hawaii-Aloha agent, you make only a deposit. There is no charge for that service, nor does Hawaii-Aloha charge interest on the balance. It’s like a free loan.

Airlines reserve the right to raise prices at any time, but they must provide at least a four-day notice before the increase can take effect. If you have a bulk-rate reservation with Hawaii-Aloha, we will contact you and advise you of the increase. You then have the option of paying the full price immediately or agreeing to pay the higher price later.

For some, this is a somewhat confusing concept. If you’d like further clarification, call Hawaii Aloha at 808-843-8771.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 4, 2008