Relaxing Hawaii

Vacations are how we get away from the hassles and pressures and noises of where we live. If your idea of a vacation is pure relaxation, Hawaii is the place to come. You can relax just by looking around. You see magnificent views from every part of every island. In the mornings and evenings, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacularly different day after day. Showers in the mountains generate regular rainbows, and even the cloud formations are unique here.

The whole attitude is relaxing. There’s no commercial gambling, no casinos, no pressure of losing. And there’s no noise, except maybe the delighted sounds of children at the beach. Even in downtown Honolulu, there’s almost no horn-blowing. There’s traffic, but not the kind that makes you crazy.

Everybody smiles here; everybody’s glad to see everybody else … yet privacy is respected and enjoyed. Oh, there are hair-raising adventures galore for the adventurous types on these islands and in our waters, and Waikiki’s busy and bustling, but if you just want to relax, call a agent. You’ll learn about some peaceful, beautiful, wonderful hideaways that are just what you’re looking for in a relaxing vacation.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher