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New Waikiki Hot Spot

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending P.F. Chang’s soft opening at their new Waikiki location on Kalakaua Avenue in the Royal Hawaiian Center. While they also have a restaurant at Ward Center, this new Waikiki spot is amazing. Located at the totally renovated Beach Walk area, I predict this P.F. Chang’s will become one of the company’s busiest retail operations.

P.F. Chang’s is a popular restaurant chain featuring Asian inspired food and themed drinks. This new stylish space is large and will accommodate a high stream of tourists and residents. It sprawls over two floors and has a generous outside seating area over looking the retail shops and it is ideal for Waikiki people watching.

The staff was eager to please and very attentive. If you are looking to try a new drink, this is the place. The bar is loaded and I felt compelled to give a few of their signature drinks a whirl. Top on my list was the Sake Martini. After a few of them – sock it to me! The menu is very perse and features a wide range of cuisine all with an Asian flavor. If you go with a group I would encourage you to order family style so you can get a bigger sample of the goodies on the menu. My group started with the fun “Chang’s Lettuce Wraps” that you construct on your plate. However the real crowd pleaser was the “Crispy Green Beans.” I was surprised at how tasty green beans could be. As for main dishes, the “Oolong Marinated Sea Bass” was absolute heaven. I secretly wished I had a plate all to myself as I didn’t want to share!

I have been to other P.F. Chang’s on the mainland as well as both locations here on Oahu. I have to say that they deliver consistently good food at good prices. I think if you are looking for a nice spot to meet some friends for drinks and appetizers – P.F. Chang’s new Waikiki location is a winner. Their official grand opening will be April 24th.

Posted by: Abby Lapointe on Mar 30, 2008