First Lady of Waikiki Celebrates 107th Year

We all know a true lady never reveals her age, but in this case we have to make an exception. The Moana Surfrider Hotel will be celebrating its 107th year in operation on March 11th when it officially opened its doors many years ago.

The Moana Hotel, also known as the “First Lady of Waikiki,” was built in the late 19th century. Construction of the Moana marked the beginning of tourism in Waikiki, becoming the first big hotel amidst the bungalows and beach houses. Opening her doors to guests in 1901, the Moana is still regarded as the flagship of Hawaii tourism, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original owner Mr. Peacock was a true innovator, installing Hawaii’s first electric-powered elevator at the Moana, which is still in use today. And as hard as this is to believe, the first guests paid only $1.50 per night for their rooms.

In the center of the Moana courtyard stands a majestic Banyan tree that was planted in 1904. At that time the tree was only seven feet tall. It now stands 75 feet high and spans 150 across the courtyard. If only that tree could talk – all these years and so many tales tell.

Posted by: Abby Lapointe