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Viewing Kilauea’s Lava Action

Pele the Goddess of Volcanoes, has been busy the past few days on the Big Island. It was reported today in the Star Bulletin that a lava flow reached the ocean overnight. So if it has been your dream so see an active Hawaiian Volcano, you should head to the Big Island this weekend.

Observatory and Hawaii Civil Defense officials viewed the activity this morning from a helicopter viewing the rising steam as the lava entered the ocean. Five people were evacuated from the area Tuesday, just ahead of the advancing lava flows. A big influx of visitors is expected to the lava-viewing site. “Judging from the experience at a viewing site in 2001-2002, more than 1,000 people per day can be expected,” Mayor Kim said. “The mission is to make viewing safe.”

If you do head over, be sure to bring enough water, wear sturdy shoes and carry a flashlight at night. Respect this area and be sure to obey all signs regarding safety, as you don’t want to anger Madame Pele. images courtesy Star Bulletin

Posted by: Abby Lapointe on Mar 6, 2008