High Style Pet Travel

Has travel “gone to the dogs”? Apparently it has with more than 29 million US residents stating they have traveled with pets in the past three years, according to the Travel Industry Association of America.

It appears “pet travel” is a growing market, as more people want to include their pet in vacation plans. How will this trend affect travel? Well don’t get your tail twisted, it is unlikely that Fido or Garfield will be sipping Champagne next to you in first class.

However with the high demand for pet travel arrangements, don’t be surprised if you see Snoopy at the bar. Some upscale hotels are offering dog-walking concierges, pet spa services and even holding doggie cocktail parties. In the yachting world I have seen millionaire pooches eat off china plates with food prepared by a chef.

On the internet I found numerous sites on pet travel. Listing where to get Spot’s immigration papers to how you can send Fluffy solo to over 150 airports worldwide. Not to mention pet time-shares, the European Doggie Toilet and my personal favorite, the Pet Travel Boutique. Where you can find items your pet needs to feel stylish and comfy while traveling.

While it is a little more complicated here in Hawaii due to stricter animal quarantine regulations, it is possible for people coming to Hawaii on extended stays to bring their furry friends. Several Oahu hotels are already pouncing on the pet trend. The Aqua Renew in Waikiki is happy to host your pet, as is the swanky Kahala Hotel and Resort offering in-room pet amenities. My conclusion – it truly is a dog’s life!