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President’s Day on the Mokulua Islands

Even as a Hawaii resident, I never get jaded to a beautiful day. Yesterday was one of those glorious days when you just have to get outside. One of my favorite spots is Lanikai Beach located on Oahu’s windward shore. It is consistently rated as one of the top beaches in the world.

Standing on the beach you can see two small islands about one mile away off the coast. They are called the Mokulua Islands. These two cone shaped volcanic nuggets are remnants of the Kailua Volcano. The larger north island is called Moku Nui, featuring a small sandy beach making it popular for people to paddle out to as I did yesterday. The other smaller island is called Moku Iki. A shallow sandy channel about 200 feet wide separates the two islands.

Set aside as a State Seabird Sanctuary for the protection of nesting shore birds and the Hawaiian Monk Seal, the islands are a favorite with residents and tourists as a great spot during the day. Yesterday the water was clear and slight winds made for great visibility. We spotted a turtle and some spectacular coral formations. If you get a chance to visit Oahu this is an amazing way to see one of the many magical spots on the island. Just remember to pack your camera and stay out of the restricted areas where the birds are nesting.

Photos By Cara M.

Posted by: Abby Lapointe on Feb 19, 2008