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Exploring Ag-Tourism in Hawaii

With the increase of organic products and the recycling movement, it seems like everywhere you look people are becoming more conscious of the environment. And Hawaii may be leading the way with “ag-tourism.” If you are like me, I didn’t really know what “ag-tourism” was. So when I came across the term in the Pacific Business News I was very interested.

Apparently, ag-tourism is a “commercial enterprise on a working farm conducted for enjoyment or education generating supplemental income for the farm, such as operating a bed and breakfast, conducting tours or other activities.”

In 2006, Hawaii’s ag-tourism measured at $38.8 million, up 14% from the $33.9 million reported in 2003. With the growing number of farmer’s markets on the islands and restaurants featuring local produce like “Town” in Honolulu, it is easy to see why. Hawaii is a great spot for travelers looking to explore local produce, flowers, and organic and regional cuisine on their visit. Visiting one of the many local farmer’s market is a great way to mingle with people who live here and learn more about Hawaii. The experiences you will have will be unique and memorable.

2006 Ag-Tourism Activity By Island:

  • Oahu – 13 farms ($14.2 million)
  • Big Island – 56 farms  ($13.2 million)
  • Kauai – 15 farms ($6.3 million)
  • Maui – 28 farms ($4.9 million)

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 31, 2008