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10 Money Saving Tips for flying to Hawaii

Here are 10 money saving tips for flying to Hawaii that apply to most flights, especially domestic flights like to Hawaii that will make the fares cheaper from the beginning.

1. Normally, the farther out you can plan your trip and buy your tickets, the cheaper they will be. Try for at least 21 days out. Red eye trips may also save you money if you don’t mind traveling at night.

2. Stay over a Saturday night – If your trip is to be 5 days, you can plan it Wednesday to Sunday (for example), rather than Monday to Friday which may lower the fare price.

3. Don’t travel Friday evening or Monday morning – these are by far the busiest times for airlines, and they will charge extra. Hawaii vacations

4. Popular money saving Tips for flying to Hawaii include avoiding holiday travel if you can – except sometimes you can find discounts if you travel ON the holiday (as opposed to the day before or the day after).

5. Travel between November 1 and December 15 is the slowest airline travel time all year (except during Thanksgiving when it picks up tremendously) Fly from a major city. If you live near Chicago, instead of flying out of a small local airport, you may save money if you can drive or take a bus to a Chicago airport and fly out from there.

6. Domestic flights departing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday usually offer the lowest prices. Usually, the heaviest travel days for flying are Monday, Friday and Sunday, so the prices can be higher. Hawaii vacations

7. Here’s another one of the Money Saving Tips for flying to Hawaii we can share that you may not be willing to do. If you are willing to be bumped from overcrowded flights during routine airline travel, you could receive a large discount or even free tickets for future trips. If you are ever in the situation where you don’t have to be at your destination right away and the airline announces the flight is overbooked (they normally are since a certain percentage of people don’t show up) ask what they are offering in return. You may even want to volunteer as soon as you show up o get bumped, as it is first come-first serve, although this could limit what you get in return. When the airline starts getting desperate is when the real savings show up. My husband once got free tickets from Hawaii to New Jersey this way. Hawaii vacations

8. Use your status as a senior or a student to get discounts – maybe as much as 25% off! If you are over 55 or can produce a student ID, this is an avenue to explore. Hawaii vacations

9. When calling the airlines directly, ask for their most inexpensive flight. It is not always coach. They may be having a special on business travel or something else that you could qualify for. Hawaii vacations

10. Always book in advance for cheaper airfare

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 29, 2006