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It’s that special time of year again when the calendar slot machine spits out triple digits across the board, giving the green light to scheduled C-section births, marriage proposals and wedding vows. Happy 12-12-12, everyone!

This particular date, however, will be the very last time we experience such lucky triple digits. Because the only 13-13-13 we know of so far is a variety of lawn fertilizer. Indeed, Hawaii has a lot of lawn to upkeep, but come back to the present day, and you’ll see that we’ve also got a big 12-12-12 festival planned.

The 12-12-12 Festival and Summit starts today in Puna, promptly at 12:12 p.m. with a day-long ceremony. It will provide “space for us to discover, honor, and share our unique and innate gifts with the greater community,” according to the festival’s website. Because Puna’s known as a “hippy town,” it’s no surprise that there will be live “sacred music,” yoga, meditation and movement, a healing and wellness dome, bonfires and a “magical community gifting experience.” Gotta love Puna.

The fun and inspiration continues for the next 10 days, with each day offering even more motivational activities – such as a GaiaYoga Gardens Tour, a Groove Session with DJ Opulence and a Sunrise Ceremony at Green Mountain. According to the site, the Sunrise Ceremony celebrates the sun being in exact alignment with the center of the milky way galaxy, “bringing into effect a flow of expansive astrological energies.” This is pretty far out stuff, man.

Those interested can purchase tickets online or at the start of each day. Some will be staying there for the full 10 and camping in Puna at Issac Hale Beach Park and Mackenzie State Park. Both are oceanside locations nearby.

It’s not often Hawaii gets such an extensive festival like this, so that’s why it’s just as unique as the 12-12-12 date. Perhaps it could qualify as a modern Woodstock? And while it may not be a festival for everyone, it definitely highlights the wonderful culture and liveliness sprinkled throughout the islands; something I have grown to appreciate while growing up here. There’s definitely never a shortage of free spirits!

12-12-12 FESTIVAL AND SUMMIT • Today to Dec. 21, 2012 • Puna, Big Island • For more info, tickets and itinerary, www.121212hawaii.com


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