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“My name is Tara, and as your personal travel consultant I will work with you one on one to build your perfect dream vacation. Having lived on Maui, the Big Island and now residing on Oahu I can help you with information on places to stay and the absolute must-see things here in the islands.”

Tara was raised on Maui, but has lived on Big Island and now currently resides on Oahu. She can offer clients well-rounded knowledge on Hawaii’s more popular islands, and enjoys filling customers in on the absolute must-sees of Maui, Big Island, and Oahu. Her local knowledge has proved helpful and critical in the development of her vacation packages and she loves adding her own special tips for an enhanced traveler experience. Drawing on years of experience, Tara enjoys helping visitors make the most out of their vacation, and as Hawaii Aloha’s senior agent, she has earned her title rightfully. Tara specializes in multi-island destination packages, which allow her clients to experience a greater breadth of Hawaii and all it has to offer.

Working with first time Hawaii visitors as well as repeat visitors, she offers her wealth of knowledge and local touch to all of her clients. As a personal travel consultant and certified Hawaii destination specialist, Tara can help build the perfect dream vacation. She enjoys customizing travel packages using her client’s ideas, suggestions, and visions, but thoroughly enjoys adding her personal flare to make the trip as special and unique as possible. Not only does she offer tailored package services, she also offers them at the best value possible and within her client’s price range. She knows how to communicate with the customer to maximize their time and business. She is happy to work with the other team members at Hawaii Aloha and looks forward to the time she spends sharing her local knowledge of the islands.

Tara's Recent Testimonials

Thanks for the yummy chocolates

Tara, Cesar and I just wanted to thank you for the box of chocolates we received upon arrival at our hotel.  We also wanted to thank you for all of your help in making our vacation the Bomb!  We had a great time!  Cesar won the Hula contest at Germaines again!  I cant wait to start planning our next visit for next year.  I want to fly first class next time because It was a looooong flight!  Mahalo once again!  We want to go in August next year so keep an eye out for those good deals!  Mahalo!!!! Cesar and Trini

April 6th

Tara worked with us yesterday and today and we got the bookings we needed at a good rate. Thanks Tara.

March 4th

Tara is great. She really knows what she is doing and is very sweet. We would book with her anytime. We can't wait to come back to the most beautiful state in the U.S.

February 15th

Tara was amazing and incredibly patient with us and our requests and changes. We were exstatic that she stuck with us for the long haul to get us just what we needed. No as long as our actual vacation goes as well as the booking process went it will be a fabulous time. We look forward to visiting Hawaii. Thank You!

November 2nd

Tara I wish to convey my feeling that Tara (the agent who dealt with my booking) is marvellous!, an excellent representative and certainly an asset to your company. I received sincerely friendly and unjaded service, and it was a real pleasure. Give her a promotion!! Thanks Hawaii Aloha

October 20th

Tara, I will start with Maui, because that is the part of the trip that you worked so hard on.  I’m sure you remember that Tamara was hesitant about the Hyatt Regency because of a couple of unfavorable reviews.  Ultimately we felt that the price you got us, along with your statements that you had stayed there recently and found the hotel to be very nice, were enough reason to book the Hyatt.  So the verdict is now in, and it was EXCELLENT.  The whole Maui experience was great, but the most impressive part was the wonderful staff and accommodations at the Hyatt.  Not one negative.  The room was great.  The staff was great.  The pool was great.  The view was great.  The restaurants were great. The bars were great.  I could go on . . .  I believe the thing that sets them apart for me is that the entire staff is gracious and friendly without seeming fawning or snooty.  They were all very professional but with a friendly and courteous air. We really did have a wonderful vacation.  I was sick for one day, but that is really part of the Kona story so I’ll get back to that.  The main purpose for the email is to thank you for your work and patience with us.  You patiently led us to the right decisions, but without ever a push or a sigh.  Thank you again for all your help; you get all the credit for this one. Now for Kona – also a lot f fun, but for different reasons.  As you know, we arrived on Wednesday evening, but my son Chris (the Ironman), his wife, and their two young daughters arrived the previous Sunday.  They had managed to pick up a 24 hour bug and a cold on the plane and they spent the first part of the trip passing it around among themselves.  The day we arrived, Chris had spent all day in bed with fever and nausea.  We arrived late (airline issues) so they were in bed when we got there.  Early the next morning when we came down for breakfast, Chris was just coming up the beach from a swim in the ocean in preparation for the Saturday competition.  As he was coming out of the water in front of the beach house, he cut his big toe on a rock.  We had a helicopter tour scheduled for 9:15, so we slapped a bandage on him and took him with us for the tour.  The tour was awesome, and afterward I took Chris to a doctor to see about his foot.  They put ten stitches in his big toe (a few extra because they knew he was going to be abusing it), AND he had a temperature of 1030!!  This was Thursday afternoon, before the race on Saturday!  That’s how I ended up sick on our first full day in Maui.  I caught the 24 hour flu from them. But things got better form there.  By Friday evening his temperature was down to 99.1, and nothing was going to stop him from going on with the race.  He finished in 11 hours and 16 minutes, which is not as good as he would have done if he was 100%, but at least he was well enough to compete.  It would have killed him to have trained so hard for so long only to get to the world championship and not be able to compete.  He finished in the top half of all competitors - not bad considering his condition and the fact he was competing against the top 1700 endurance racers in the world, representing 44 countries. Well, that got a little wordy, but it was a long story.  The main purpose here is to tell you how much we appreciate the time and effort you spent with us to make the trip really special.  I am copying this email to the owner of your company, so he will know it too. Now then, I have a friend at work that I have been telling about the trip and he is considering something similar between Christmas and New Year.  They were looking at Mexico, but I think we can sell him.  I had told him that I would give him your contact information, but I think this will be a more fun way to do it.  I think you should include a proposal in your initial email to him.  The trip would be for him and his wife.  Assume that he would leave on Dec. 26, and return on Jan.3.  Hopefully the Hyatt still has the best price, but whatever makes the best package.  Also include round trip coach class tickets from Nashville. loha, and Thank You.  Oh, and we are planning to return to Maui at some point, so keep us in mind if you see any great specials coming along in February. Gary Quinn

August 21st

I want to compliment Tara on the exceptional service she provided to me and some of my staff in arranging accommodations for us in Honolulu.  We have been working on a Hawaii trip for almost a year as a celebration for an employee who returned from military duty in Iraq.  Tara has been instrumental in making sure that we have a successful trip despite the many roadblocks (on our part) that came up along the way. Since I am in the customer service industry myself, I know how important it is to work well with the customer.  There were several instances when I am sure that I was one of those pesky customers that needed a bunch of different things, but Tara handled every thing professionally and expediently, and if I could have seen her, I am sure she had a smile on her face!  Tara has been wonderful to work with, and my entire staff has enjoyed talking with her over the past year.  Tara has been dedicated and committed to making sure that we got the best deals for our budget and she was very knowledgeable about the area which made planning so much easier. I found Hawaii Aloha Travel while surfing the website trying to gather information about Hawaii.  When I called, I was lucky enough to get Tara as my agent!  I have extremely pleased with the service I have received from Tara and will refer others to Hawaii Aloha Travel and to Tara in the future.  Please pass on my compliments to Tara for a job well done! Gwen  Chisolm   Risk Control Manager

July 20th

Our dates where pretty set for July, with everybody no having other options. Tara  was great in helping me, I am pretty picky and could of spent days going into each hotel site, but we narrowed it down and she got what we wanted and the air time was great too. She was so helpful and did a wonderful job. Thank you Tara, I look forward to working with you again.

April 10th

Tara,  We had an absolutely wonderful time in Hawaii (once we got there). Thank you so much for all your help and moral support. We even slept on benches outside the airport in Kona for a couple of hours - something we'd never done, thanks to me. You did an awesome job and we'll send people your way. We did rent a car for one day on Oahu to drive to the North Shore. We were told it would take 4 or 5 hours by bus. Again, thanks a million! Katie

April 10th

Tara, Kiu and I just returned yesterday from our wonderful Hawaiian vacation. We wanted to let you know that we had a great time and we appreciated your help in planning our trip. We loved the Big Island. The Hapuna Beach Hotel was a truly beautiful and comfortable place and our favorite of the whole trip (excellent choice, and we would return there). The helicopter tour from Hilo was perfect, and we used the trip to and from Hilo to see some of the natural sights of the island. again we want to thank you for all your help and an unforgettable vacation.  We will recommend you personally to others who are traveling to your beautiful island.  Michael Bernstein