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Kalei Javellana

Born in Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu, HI, Kalei has lived on Oahu for her entire life. She has done extensive traveling around the world as a competitor in extreme sports, with some of her destinations including Thailand, Fiji, Australia, and New York. Because of her background in aggressive sports and athletics, Kalei enjoys living in the warm, nurturing environment of Hawaii, where she can rejuvenate her body by jumping on her surfboard or paddling her one-man canoe in the tropical ocean.

She loves working out, hitting the gym five times a week to focus on her cycling, weight lifting, core, and shadow boxing. She also enjoys playing with her dogs, Milo and Maya, and staying in shape through Pilates, surfing, and swimming. She believes the ocean has healing qualities, and strives to make it a part of her everyday life. She uses the ocean and its strength to help her deal with stress, and as a home based travel agent since 1997, she utilizes her “work from home” career to create a balanced life for herself.

Kalei has been in the travel business for over 25 years, in many different forms. She worked as a front desk clerk in various hotels, at a desk in a travel agency, as a co pilot and narrative guide for Atlantis Submarines, as a sales director, and worked with a vacation rental company. This business is in her blood! She also offers clients the exclusive knowledge that can only come from a born and raised local, with personal home bred knowledge on all islands in every aspect. She has multiple family members spread amongst Hawaii, so she island hops regularly.

Kalei hopes that you will consider her as your travel specialist, and leaves you with her words of wisdom, “life is short, enjoy today!”

Kalei's Recent Testimonials

Kalei, I just wanted to thank you

Kalei, I just wanted to Thank You for all your help with the booking of our Vacation. We had a wonderful time and will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. I do hope to come back and visit one day again. I just wanted to thank you. Lisa and Lester Simpson

Kalei, the trip was amazing!

Hello Kalei, We just wanted to thank you for planning a wonderful vacation. The trip was amazing! Our hotels were very nice and we truly enjoy everything Hawaii had to offer! Thank you again. Karen Montagna

Kalei, you did a great job

Aloha, Kalei! This is Peggy Vandiver. My daughter, Katie and I just got home from our wonderful trip that you booked for us. You did a great job. Thank you for the cookies and coffee in each of the hotels. Those cookies were delicious! There are a few things that I wanted to tell you. The catamaran trip along the Na Pali coast was my favorite thing of all. It was so much fun! The waterfall hiking day was also great, and was Katie's favorite thing of all. The company you chose, Highlight Business Tours was just terrific, mainly due to our guide, Chris Woolley. He was so knowledgeable and entertaining. He took us to some places that the average tourist probably isn't lucky enough to see. I just wanted to give him a shout out because he really did go above and beyond. Thanks so much for sending him our way. All the other things you booked were also really fun. I took your advice and booked a jeep tour, too. We learned a lot, and it was great to see the other beautiful parts of Oahu. The hotels on both islands were wonderful, especially the Marriott in Kauai. So, all in all, it was a memorable and fun vacation and I wanted to thank you for your part in planning it. Mahalo. See? I've added two new words to my vocabulary...Aloha and mahalo! Thanks again...Peggy

My trip home was great!

Hi Kalei, Just wanted to let you my trip home was great, everything went smoothly at the airport and the car rental!!! I am planning another trip home in July 2017 and I would like to go through you again. I will contact you next month to book the tickets. Thank you

Kalei, it was a great adventure

Hi Kalei, Just wanted to thank you for a lovely trip to Hawaii. All of the tour guides were not only knowledgeable, but funny and full of personality. The Body Glove Snorkeling was perfect for my very active grandson and son, but also was arranged so we could enjoy it also. Coffee was fantastic. We also liked the Royal Kona Hotel: staff was friendly, the local convenient, the food good and the view was outstanding. Chis (14) said it was a great adventure! Helen Lohmeier

Kalei, we had a wonderful trip

Kalei Thank you for all of your help. We had a wonderful trip Peace, Kellyann

Thank you Kalei, we really had a great time

Hi Kalei, We just want to thank you for all your attentions, we really had a great time and you make our honeymoon something to remember. Specially we want to thank for your attention when we had that little problem with the drivers licence , it was such a shame but despite that we had a great time. Can you help me with the info of the car rental devolution? Cause we want to give you a different account. Thanks for everything! Kind regards,

You truly are the best person to work with

Thank you so much for all of your help! You truly are the best person to work with. I appreciate all your work and the time you take! Have a great rest of your day, Kalei!

Kalei, Everything went great

Kalei: Thank you so much for all your planning and putting things together for our recent trip to Hawaii. Everything went great. All the transportation worked for me. I appreciate your patience with us. If there is somewhere we can put in a review for you let me know . Thank You again for all your help Perry Shawcroft

We are very pleased with your service!

Dear Kalei, Me and my wife are very pleased with your service and your profesionalism, we received the champagne and the cookies, thank you very much for making our Honeymoon a dream come true. Mahalo!!!! Muchas gracias!