Joey Willoughby

Joey moved from Virginia in 2003 to attend UH Manoa on Oahu. He has lived in and around Waikiki, and now currently resides in the lush town of Manoa. He graduated from the university with a degree in Japanese and hopes to visit the country in the future. Joey is fluent in the Japanese language and offers foreign customers his travel services through Hawaii Aloha. Although he is educated in the culture and language, he also loves working directly with other clients and feels his love for Hawaii is shared through the vacation packages he creates.

Joey enjoys living in Hawaii because of the gorgeous weather and the beautiful hiking that is offered. He is an outdoor enthusiast and also loves ocean kayaking. Along with these activities, Joey loves creating music, particularly with his saxophone, and trying out new foods and restaurants around the island. He is a great counsel when it comes to local eateries and dining options on Oahu.

Joey has worked with Hawaii Aloha for a year now and loves the friendly environment that this career offers. Also a part time worker at Apple, he feels as though his travel business allows him to meet new people and work directly with them to create vacation packages. Because he is originally from the mainland, he believes he can relate to his customers through a shared desire of being in Hawaii and can understand his client’s enthusiasm. Every time he designs a package, he feels as if he is setting up a vacation for himself, which gives his customers the advantage of working directly with a knowledgeable local who is invested in their memories.

Successfully creating travel packages is something Joey truly enjoys. He loves hearing the excitement from his clients once the vacation is finalized, and believes that his services offered are unique and authentic. He strives to live by the quote, “live like you were dying”, and through his activities, love of Hawaii, and genuine interest in his career, he feels he achieves this daily.

Joey's Recent Testimonials

We had so much fun

Hi Joey, Thanks for a wonderful trip. There is so many fun things to do. We did find another boat ride so that was good. Thanks for the refund. About the Tiki bar coupons I gave them to a local gal that helped us out. The tiki bar has great food and a lot of it. We did eat there 3 nights. But we wanted to try other places to eat. So just an idea have different places or only a few nights meals. The limo ride was very nice and the whole trip was good. It was nice having transportation taken care of. We did only use the trolley pass on one day. Then glad to have the rental car on the last day so we had ideas of the layout of the land. Waikiki was such a great place. Thanks for your help is getting our trip put together. Thanks Karla Keding