About the Hawaii Vacation Connection

About the Hawaii Vacation Connection

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The Hawaii Vacation Connection is produced every Friday, straight from the island of Oahu. Sponsored by  Hawaii Aloha Travel, the show focuses on the travel and tourism industry of Hawaii and is designed to help people learn about this unique destination.

Traveling to Hawaii can be confusing, time consuming and overwhelming, which is why this particular podcast has gained popularity amongst vacationers and repeat Hawaii travelers. Learn about a new dish at a local favorite restaurant, the traditions of a luau, how to plan and book in advance and which island suits your vacation style and expectations best.

With hundreds of podcasts to listen to, you’re sure to get a topic that proves to be helpful, humorous, and entertaining. Because Hawaii offers so much to discover, (and vacationers usually have a limited amount of time) this podcast breaks down topics into easy to grasp ideas and recommendations.

Not sure whether to travel to Maui or Oahu? How about a multi-island trip to both! Wondering where to find the best waterfall hike on the island? Or some great nightlife? How about daytime activities for the whole family? These are just a few of the topics covered on The Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast. If you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii and looking for fresh ideas or if you’re a local simply to hear some current topics on life in Hawaii, this podcast is a must-listen for your ears!