Couples and families will save for years for a trip to Hawaii, mostly because the cost of a vacation requires a cash budget of $150 a day, per person just for food and fun. But if you can find ways to save, spend less, or score deals and discounts, then you’re ahead of the game. Few travel companies offer discounts that are actually applicable, but Hawaii Aloha Travel specializes in booking cheap Hawaii vacations and offering deals that help lower your travel cost without compromising on excellent customer service.

Receive a free quote and see for yourself how we can exceed your expectations. Plus, our travel agents love chasing down great deals because they genuinely enjoy hearing the excitement from their clients when they discover how cheap their Hawaii vacation really is. It’s a great feeling to spend less than expected, and Hawaii Aloha Travel excels in this part of travel planning. If you’re looking to book a vacation for the family, a honeymoon, or a group business trip, you should see the kinds of discounts our agents can score you! Design your trip around your budget, but don’t compromise the quality of the vacation.

We can help get you what you want at an affordable rate and with the customer service that will have you agreeing with us when we say we’re Hawaii’s experts.

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  1. my family and I are interested in coming to maui in the end of december. wondering if there’s anything you can do to help us with our vacation planning. there are 4 of us still trying to keep it is inexpensive as possible. thank you

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